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Shoes still Made in Britain…

25 Nov 2013

British made footwear is still the best quality in the world. There are still plenty of British footwear makers. Here are well over 60 UK footwear brands still manufacturing in the UK (in no particular order)

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What Lizzy Loves - Blogspot

What Lizzy Loves - Blogspot

02 Nov 2013

I fully appreciate and love receiving a tweet to find that someone completely random has written an editorial piece and included my shoes in their content. You can read 'What Lizzy Loves' by following the link below:


Thursday, 31 October 2013

Fancy Flats

I'm looking for some fancy flats that I can wear when when heels are OTT.  I'm thinking of when we have people round for a meal or a girls' night in.

It would be nice if they were sparkly, glittery or metallic to differentiate them from "everyday" shoes. Although, I see no real reason for not wearing sequins every day...

I've been doing a bit of browsing.


Walsh, Jimmy Choo £275
The multi coloured glitter
is just gorgeous. They'd match
Surely a wise investment.


Morse, Jimmy Choo £315
I've mentioned so many times
how much I love metallic
shoes. They match everything



Wild Kat, Black Foil, The British Flat Shoe Company £99
These are embossed leather with a slight sparkle.
And in my favourite leopard too
I'm falling in love...



Black Brady Ballerina
Hobbs £69
Usually £99 but there's a footwear promotion
on until 11th November.
A nod to Chanel.

Amulet Jewel, Black Suede, Clarks £59.99
I love the shape of these. Almost a ballet/slipper shoe

Amulet Jewel, Red Suede, Clarks £59.99
I've always had a soft spot for red shoes



Sparkle Ballerina, Oasis £35
A slightly more robust shape
than a ballerina and I really
like the beads on this.



Grey Velvet and Metallic Ballet Pumps
Mint Velvet £79
Simply Elegant.


Feather Pony Skin Ballet Pumps
Mint Velvet £89


Sequin Ballerinas, Next £24
These caught my eye not only
because of the beautiful colour but
the pattern of the sequins too.



Aren't they just exquisite?

I'm spoilt for choice and unable to decide.

What do you think?

Love Liz xxx



*Apologies for the lack of reproduction on some of the pictures.  Please visit the blog to view the pictures in full.


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