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Love all things British?

03 Oct 2014

Love all things British?

Well we do too and so we thought you might like to hear from our friends over at Distinctive Wash who manufacture designer fragranced superior washing powder.  They have two varieties; a Sleepeazy fragrance, which is a blend of essential oils to help promote a good nights sleep, and a seductive Masculine variety (our favourite – the sandalwood aroma is lush)

Okay, so we were brought up washing our family’s laundry with whatever brand our Mums used, but wasn’t that the same with purchasing shoes? When we used to be marched out of the door to the same store as Granny? Well these days, after decades of cheap and exotic foreign goods, many of us are reverting back to buying British and supporting local wherever possible and you only need to take a look at the supermarkets to see how important labelling veg that is home grown in this country is.  We all want to know, that what we purchase, is both safe, meets required standards and also if possible was in the hands of workers who were also paid a fair wage and adhere to the same standards of hygiene etc. that we expect in the UK.   So often the only way of guaranteeing that, is buying British. 

Well Distinctive was my super find and I’m hooked!  Dare I say it I haven’t bought a box of Fairy since?  Not only is it fully biodegradable and earth safe, but, unlike eco formulas we all used to buy, it washes brilliantly, and it makes my washing smell divine.  As I said, I personally love their masculine sandalwood variety.  It took me a while getting to understand that I wouldn’t add a separate fabric softener but I quickly adapted to that and I haven’t noticed any loss of softness in towels and bedding.  And I’ve also now got accustomed to washing everything at at 30 or 40 degrees.  It’s still hygienically clean because they have a natural antibacterial and antifungal agent.

Plus, I’ve noticed the huge difference to the state of my washing machine drawer since switching to their brand.  I no longer get the gunky black stuff in the compartment - and ladies… when you’ve washing drying in the house your whole house smells amazing. 

Anyway, I won’t ramble on you can have a look at their website or chat to Louise the brands owner, who will be more than happy to help you with anything laundry related.  She and I have become firm friends after discovering we only live ten miles apart.  Not only a fellow made in Britain brand that’s distinctly British, but from stately Northamptonshire too.

We are giving a free sachet of one wash Distinctive wash away with every pair of shoes this month.  Your chance to try before your buy.

To get 15% off your own tub of Distinctive please click on the link below and use the code BritishFlatShoe15 when ordering.


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