A happy customer..

04 Sep 2014

I do not often post pictures from my customers wearing my shoes but i just had to do this one. Sally  lives and works in German and saw my shoes online and just had to have a pair. 

They look great on her.










There is a question outstanding about what will happen in the event of a 'Yes vote' in Scotland and they gain independance.  The British flag is iconic in so many ways and we hope that we can retain the flag as it is a brand in iteself.  However, there are a few emblems which could work quite well and one of those is the Tudor Rose which has been a potent symbol of Britain for 500 years. I am not so keen on the Tri-colour flag that so many countries have adopted.

The Tudor Rose is actually a symbol of unity, something i quite like the sound of, it is actually two roses joined together, a white one fused with red, two opposing side, being at peace and united.

Making it could be a challenge and I am having some thoughts about this and other designs in case we lose the beloved flag. 


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