A lovely Testimonial…

13 Nov 2014

Following on from my last post regarding Georgina's red shoes iwas absolutely delighted and releived to receive the following super email from Pam.  As i said It's really very nice to have helped someone out, a lovely feel good moment and the fact that the shoes are liked makes it all the better.



      Thank you so much for the beautiful red ballet pumps. (for anyone reading this testimonial I’m the Pam in the ‘Georgina’s Red Shoes’ article in the blog)

It was a joy to see the look on Georgina’s face when she opened the box and got the first glimpse of her new shoes. This was nothing compared to the pleasure from seeing her slip them on for the first time.
I’m so grateful to you for taking the time and trouble to not just make the individual sizes but also to source the exact colour of red that Georgina desired.

My beautiful daughter now has beautiful shoes that not only look stylish and pretty but that are comfortable to wear
Thank you again


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