30 Sep 2013

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Cinderella shall go to the Ball

In a brand new pair of ballet flats!  At last I have managed to replace my poor, lost in a drunken stupor, pair of faithful old ballet flats from Banana Republic, which, to be fair, owed me nothing.  They were truly on their last legs and had served me well for the last 4 years before deciding, on a night out with other bloggers, to free themselves from the burden of being worn by me (and unceremoniously dragged around in the my handbag whilst pride of place was always given to the heels)

I hadn't realised though how much of a staple part of my wardrobe they were - that old chestnut, absence makes the heart grow fonder.  I've charted my pursuit of a replacement here (ie moaned like shit about not being able to find any)

Actually I was less Cinderella and more Goldilocks, one pair was too plastic, one pair was too expensive, one pair was too pointy, one pair was too pointy, plastic and painful (ok so Goldilocks with a harem of bears)

But thanks to Charlotte Henderson at The British Flat Shoe Company, I now have a pair which I am absolutely over the moon with.  I was really torn between getting a navy and black pair and the ones that Charlotte sent me are the perfect combination. 

The British Flat "Wild Cat" in Black Foil. £99  These are essentially black but because of the foil effect on the leopard print, they pick up the colour of navy when worn with it - the perfect holograph effect shoe! (ok so that probably isn't top of your list when looking for a shoe - but trust me, it randomly works)

Charlotte started the company only this year after she couldn't find the shoe that she was looking for (familiar story there) and decided she could do better herself (have no fear - I have no plans to start manufacturing or designing shoes!) 

Thus The British Flat Shoe Company was born and now produce leather shoes that are from local materials, hand machined and hand finished right here in the UK.

And, to top it all, they are comfy.  They're not as flimsy as some ballerinas can be but certainly not too chunky - just a classic ballerina flat.  They have added cushioned inner soles and built in padded soft heel inserts - I've had mine on for two days and am off to London on Thursday - shall definitely be wearing these.

They do come in a range of colours - I know that Charlotte is looking to expand the range (please can we also have a leopard print pair?) but for the moment, the classic every day essentials are there.

Definitely next on my list is a pair of the two tone - probably in the classic navy and bone combo.

One of the best things about writing this blog and becoming better known is finding out about small British Companies and being able to support them and therefore, British Manufacturing, our heritage and our traditions.  Don't get me wrong, I am a guilty lover of fast fashion and am not foolish enough to think that it doesn't have a place on our High Street but I do think that it needs to co-exist alongside British Companies and not at the expense of them.

I feel very privileged to be asked to support young developing companies who are bringing us products of excellent value and quality and at the same time, supporting the traditions of British Industry.

As a thank you, Charlotte from The British Flat Shoe Company is offering a 10% off discount code:- KAT40/10% from orders placed on the website.  Any problems at all using it, please do shout.

o hope you think they're as fab as I do.  I'm also sure that Charlotte would appreciate any feedback on ideas for new shoes that she could make in the future.  I've got my thinking cap on.

Tomorrow I shall be back with another of my Must Have items for the A/W. (have we worked out yet that when I say "must have" it's code for "I need new ones and need to justify a purchase.....")

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