How does it feel so far…?

How does it feel so far…?

02 Sep 2013

How does it feel so far?  Absolutely fantastic is the answer!

The website went live on Friday and much to our delight we woke up to some fabulous orders of our flat shoes which was very encouraging.  Throughout the day more orders continued to come in which added to the general feeling of excitement after all the hard and preparations in bringing this to life. All in all a really 'TOP' day.

I approached a couple of companies with regard to some free listings one group in particular Buy From GB a fantastic group set up to help small business like me, give support and generally work very hard on our behalf.  Buy from GB will be doing a feature on The British Flat Shoe company in the coming weeks.

For the past few weeks I have been 'gearing' up to launch at the British Family Fayre which was being organised by none other than the British Family.  The British Family Fayre was going to be a collaboration and showcase of some of the companies and business who are manufacturing their products here in the UK.

Very early doors on Saturday morning we drove down to Squerryes Court in Westerham and set up our little stand.   

The sun shone and it promised to be a fantastic day. Around 11am the doors opened and visitors started to come in, other than the British Flat Shoe Co. Some 4000 visitors were treated to interactive workshops by a number of other British manufactured products and other stands and stalls making and selling their goods in the UK.  The British Family have done a tremendous job in pulling the fayre together - hats off to them.

The event was very well received and a great success, I made many new friends and got to see some other fabulous British made products as well.  One of my favourites was Simply Ice Cream who make, and I'm not kidding the most amazing ice cream and sorbets - check them out. 

I had a fantastic response to my shoes and made some sales (good news and thank you to all who purchased, you made my day)...this event was important to us on so many levels; the show was not just about visibility and gaining feedback on my product but  also to demonstrate and support the buy British campaign which is having a renaissance in this country.

Some of the feedback received was that I needed to manufacture in a size 3 and size 9. I have taken this onboard and today commisioned the factory to make the knives (pattern cutters) for these sizes.  All feedback is important, it is only thorugh your feedback as the customer and ultimate consumer can I grow my company.  The half sizes however may have to wait a little longer, this is currently on the list called 'financially challening currently.'

Rolling onto this morning I had the absolute delight and pleasure of seeing post a blog about a pair of shoes she bought on Friday.  She was actually my  very first web customers so the fact that she took the time to make a blog about the shoes was amazing - thank you!

So, to sum up the support has been beyond what i could have imagined, I have made some sales and experiencing the best 'career' days of my life.

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