Springline Shoe Lasts

16 Sep 2014

If anybody has wondered where I get the lasts from to make my shoes it is Springline in Northampton.


Springline is  based in Northampton, England, at the heart of the British shoe-making industry, renowned throughout the world.

Makers of quality shoe lasts The company was founded in 1982 by Kenneth Tipping and is now the only remaining last manufacturer in Britain, a testament to the skill of its staff, the quality of its products and its flexibility in adapting to customer needs.

The Springline Shoe Lasts services range from Bespoke hand-crafted wooden models to bulk supply of durable plastic lasts in all sizes and fittings. They manufacture to your particular specification and design requirements.

Initial models and bespoke lasts are still crafted in wood. However, the large majority of bulk lasts are now made in plastic for improved durability. Lasts can be made to many specifications, with different hinges, plugs, plates and slots in toes according to the shoemaker’s requirements.

I met up with David Bones this morning who showed me around the factory.  On the way I saw a vast array of lasts in all sorts of sizes and different shoe style, some of which belonged to some very well-known shoe makers in Northampton. the place is awash and an Aladdins of shoe lasts.

The lasts are initially made from hard woods then a plastic poly mould is made replicating the wooden shoe last, this is the last that the shoe is basically made on.  I have simplified the process significantly in print as it really is a big topic.  Not only are there no standard worldwide sizes but technically there are no standard width fittings either.  In the industry the measurements are taken in CM.

Thank you David for such an enlightening and fantastic visit. grin



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