Still Made in Britain

12 Sep 2014

I was having a search for some items still made in Britain and on my search came up with an amazing array of home grown businesses which make products here in Great Britain.

I thought it would make a change to highlight a few of the more unusual, and in keeping with my own 'hand made shoes', focus on the companies which use hand crafted methods to create their 'Still Made in Britain products'.


Still Made in Britain:

One company I found is called Turnberry Rugs, this appealed to me hugely as Turnberry offer a bespoke service in wich you can design your own rug, see some of their cool and quirky hand crafted rug projects.  You can order samples by clicking on the link:  

There is something infinitely appealing about having a 'one off'' rug. All the rugs are made in merino wool and use hand tufted methods.


Still Made in Britain:

 Eat Sleep Live, is the home of unique natural rustic furniture handcrafted in Nottingham UK from 100% British Reclaimed Wood...

Nottingham based Eat Sleep Live’s reclaimed wood furniture is high quality in terms of design and longevity. Being entirely handmade, attention is paid to every detail of every piece and this shines out when you look at the beautiful solid wood furniture which is on offer. Remember it's 100% solid Wood, 100% made in UK

One of the great benefits of shopping at Eat Sleep Live is that you can do your bit for the environment through purchasing reclaimed furniture. Furthermore, many of these furniture pieces have the desirable naturally-worn look that is so hard to replicate artificially. If you’re looking for robust furniture with a rustic look, you will find what you want in the wood furniture on offer here at Eat Sleep Live. Using reclaimed wood and built by hand, it is impressive and resilient and fit to grace any home.


Still Made in Britain:

Pauline Lothian Designs offers a range of luxury ladies bags, purses, accessories and gifts, all handmade in Scotland using Harris Tweed cloth. Looking at the products and lovely fabrics makes me want to make some British Made Shoes in Harris Tweed.



I could go on and on... there are some great websites you can go to to find some of truly lovely 'Still Made in Britain' companies and products out there in 'Empire' land.  Here are a few links to help you:

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