Union Flag Ballerina Shoes from The British Flat Shoe Company

11 Jan 2014


One of my New Year's resolutions is to invest (only) in beautiful items that I will be proud of and that will be a joy to wear, not just now, but in years to come.

I'd also like to buy British more often than I do. In much the same way that many of us have embraced farmers' markets and are keen to know the provenance of the meat we consume, so I'd like to know more about what I wear, (especially investment pieces), and where it's made.

This is something I'm looking to explore further both personally and through my blog.

So, I'm beyond thrilled that Charlotte Henderson, director of and mastermind behind
The British Flat Shoe Company has sent me these stunning ballerina shoes.
Unable to find a wholly British made pair of flat shoes that would be stylish as well as comfortable, Charlotte set up her own company based in Northampton last July.

(They caught my eye a while ago and I mentioned the "Wild Kat" design in my post about Fancy Flats. Kat from Does my Bum Look 40 has a pair which you can see here.)

The British Flat Union Flag Shoe is the flagship logo shoe.




The upper is made from a metallic blue nappa lamb's leather. Each flag is hand-crafted and the inner lining is made from the softest sheepskin.



They were immediately comfortable and the inside is padded and cushioned. The heel and sole are robust but are in no way clunky. They have got good coverage over the toes (no toe cleavage) and offer good support at the sides. Truly the type of shoe that can be worn for hours.



I absolutely cannot wait to wear them outside. I know I'll get so much wear out of them and can already visualise myself striding out in them wearing skinny jeans and navy blazer.

I will of course show and tell when I wear them properly.


Currently, there are 13 colourways available with a new design coming out in April.
I've been lucky enough to see some photographs and it's beautiful. It's a collaboration with "Style for Stroke" whereby a percentage of sales will go to The Stroke Association.
I can't wait to show you the pictures and I suspect, I *may* be purchasing a pair myself.

They really are incredibly well made. In fact, I would go as far to say they are the most well made, well crafted shoes I own. And I own a lot of shoes, some of which cost three times as much as these.

Do go and take a look.
For a limited time there's a discount of 12% if you quote JAN12%DISCOUNT.

In the meantime, I'm off to pray for better weather so I can wear them outside.

And finally. I believe (hope) I have managed to set up a Facebook page for What Liz Loves. I'd be incredibly grateful if you'd hop over, take a look and "Like" it. Thank you.

Love Liz xxx

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